World map of hotspot cities

The Cities

Originally, we studied 463 cities with populations of 300,000 or more in the world’s biodiversity hotspots. By superimposing their spatial 2030 growth projections onto mappings of endangered species we showed that in over 90 % of these cities there is direct conflict between biodiversity and urbanization.

For each of the 33 hotspot cities, you will find maps and written summaries pertaining to each city’s environmental circumstances and its urban growth in relation to biodiversity. The information pertaining to each of the hotspot cities is limited to data sourced primarily through desktop analysis. Due to the dynamic nature of urbanization and conservation we appreciate that the description of each city is only ever partial and subject to redundancy as new studies and reports are issued. As such we invite and welcome feedback so that this website serve as a ‘wiki’ offering up to date and accurate information on the relationship between biodiversity and urban growth in each city. To provide such feedback please write to Richard Weller at